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San Jose’s Preferred Auto Repair Shop

Tres Amigos Auto & Truck Service was built on endurance, dedication, and unwavering ambition. With little money to their name, brothers Esteban and Javier Najera opened their auto repair shop in 1994. Their goal was to provide emergency roadside services to San Jose residents. Though they lacked business experience, their passion for auto repair and community-driven mindset enabled them to succeed. As Tres Amigos steadily gained a favorable reputation, Esteban and Javier expanded their operations. Currently, we offer everything from heavy -duty fleet services to alignment repairs. Alongside a team of certified technicians, Esteban and Javier have shaped Tres Amigos into a smooth-running auto repair facility.

The Brother Duo Dream Team

Esteban and Javier Najera are nothing if not hard workers. Esteban is a family man through and through, and he relishes the time he gets to spend with his wife and three children. With his smarts and insight, Esteban has found success in seemingly all of his endeavors. Many attribute Esteban’s triumphs to the admirable work ethic he upholds. Javier, the co-owner of Tres Amigos, is equally gifted. From a young age, Javier’s expressed interest in the auto repair domain. In the hopes of acquiring the necessary industry skills, Javier earned a degree in industrial and systems engineering. Together, Esteban and Javier keep their enterprise operating smoothly.

Owners Esteban and Javier Najera

Our Team

  • Esteban NajeraOwner, Sales & Repairs

    Esteban has been a hardworking man all of his life. He started his family at a very young age and has always been exceptionally responsible. He and his wife, Esther, are the proud parents of two boys and one young lady. Based on his experiences in the real world, Esteban is street smart, but he’s also generous and friendly. He always says of himself, "I work hard to put food on my table," and that is exactly what he does daily—he works very hard.

  • Javier NajeraOwner & President
    Javier graduated from San Jose University with a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering in 2003. It is no surprise to anyone who knows Javier that he graduated at the top of his class and also made the Dean's list in 2002. After graduation, Javier decided to grow the family business rather than pursue other opportunities.
  • Esther Najera PandoAccounting

    Esther is our financial wiz, handling all of our accounts payable and other financial matters.

  • Juan Pablo RiveraBooks
  • Tires Amigos Auto Tires & Auto Service | Antonio Najera - Sales
    Antonio NajeraSales
  • Tres Amigos Auto Tires & Auto Service | Brandone Delfin - Sales
    Brandone DelfinSales
  • Tres Amigos Auto Tires & Auto Service | Sales
    David MedinaSales
  • Pedro PTechnician

    Pedro has been on our team for eight years. He is an ASE Master Technician, and he continually takes courses to stay on top of new vehicle technology. He is the proud parent of two beautiful little girls. Whenever he has a spare moment, he likes to go horseback riding.

  • Tim NunezTechnician
  • Jorge Olvera SrTechnician
  • Jorge Olvera JrTechnician
  • Alberto DuranTechnician
  • Jorge OTechnician

    A kind and loyal person, Jorge has been with us for a very long time. He has watched our business grown and grown with us. His specialties are brakes, suspension, and tire work, and he also enjoys learning new car technology. Last year, his oldest daughter gave birth to his first grandson…guess where he wants to spend most of his free time these days?