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The tire pros at Tres Amigos Auto Services, Inc. are qualified to handle all of your tire needs, from repairing a flat to helping you choose all new tires for your vehicle. We’ll even come to your location (at home, work, or on the road) if you need a tire repair and can’t get to our shop. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for tires in San Jose.

Finding the Right Tires for Your San Jose Vehicle

Your vehicle needs the right tires to perform at its best. Good tires are also a major factor when it comes to determining the overall safety of your car or truck. This is because your vehicle’s tires perform many important functions, such as supporting the weight of your vehicle, transmitting vehicle propulsion and breaking, and maintaining or changing the vehicle’s direction. More simply, all of the maneuvers you do while driving—steering, stopping, and accelerating—depend on your tires.

In addition to function, there’s also style. The appearance of a tire can totally change the perception of a car, both in the positive and negative sense. In fact, the look of a vehicle’s tires is becoming more and more important for car enthusiast.

A tire tech at Tres Amigos can help you select the best tire for your vehicle needs and your budget. We have a wide selection of quality brand tires, including:

Our house brand is Cooper Tire, a recognized leader in the tire industry, and one of only two U.S.-owned tire manufacturers. Cooper Tire provides consistently high quality products and is committed to safety and customer service. The company provides a full line of tires to meet the needs of virtually all customers from everyday motorists to motorsport enthusiast to commercial vehicle owners.

Tire Shop in San Jose

Tire Service & Repairs

Once you find the right tires for your vehicle, you want to make sure they’re performing at their best. Tres Amigos offers complete tire service, including tire installation, tire rotation, wheel balancing, and electronic wheel alignment. We also handle tire repairs expertly and quickly, either at our shop or at your location. Depending on the damage to your tire, the placement of the damage, and the type of tire, you may need a puncture repair, spot repair, or section repair. We’ll perform the best repair for your tire based on your needs and budget, while never sacrificing quality or safety.

Come to Tres Amigos for Tire Replacement & Repair in San Jose

If you need new tires (one or all four) or if you need tire repair, stop by Tres Amigos Auto Service, Inc. in San Jose. If you have a flat and can’t get to our shop, we’ll come to you. Just call (408) 271-9837.