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They do awesome work here in a very quick time with excellent customer service. We arrived and they helped us out right away with our tire problem. Their prices are very reasonable.

Jose B.

I was quoted by the dealership $689 to replace a headlamp!!! I checked Yelp and found Tres Amigos and their 5 star reviews. They replaced the headlamp for a third of the price of the dealer! They have since replaced the water pump and changed my oil 4 times. Javier is patient with me, being a Lyft driver, and truly makes me feel welcomed. He shows me the inspection page of what needs to be done and doesn't make it sound all gloom and doom. I am in need of more service and will definitely be going back to Tres Amigos!

Ron B.

Great customer service and very accommodating! Staff is super courteous and makes sure they get things done on time

Ridhima A.

I've been using tres amigos for 15 years now , they help me with my personal vehicles and my commercial trucks, most recently they just replaced my water pump in my gmc c4500 duramax diesel, Fernando and Javier and Tony treat me like family . Fernando saved my ass when I was stuck in mud with flat tire when it was raining a while back . There prices are fair and reasonable and their service is five stars . If you need brakes , tires or auto service Tres amigos is the place to go !!!!

Yelp Review

Thank you so much to Javier and Tres Amigos Tires! I was having a rough start to my day when I hit an obstruction in the road and my car start driving funny. I took my car in (great reviews on Yelp and close to wrork) and they took my car in and got to it as soon as they could. They did a through check and although it turned out to be a complete muffler job, they did a full check free of charge and referred me to the closest muffler repair (also with great reviews). I am so thankful to have found this place, and will definitely be back in the future for other needed services.

Yelp Review

I use them for all my commercial tires fleet services for last 5 years and the guys always have tires I need used or new and prices are really good. They offer alignment for commercial vechile a and small cars too now.

Yelp Review

I ended up coming here due to the great reviews and I was not disappointed! It's so hard to find a reliable mechanic nowadays and I was glad that I ended up coming to Tres Amigos. Javier was very open and honest about the fixes that needed to be done on my car and the cost, which were definitely competitive; and he explained me everything in great detail. I have been here twice already for different reasons and both times it has been a good experience.

Yelp Review

I started working with Tres Amigos shortly after they visited my office to introduce themselves, probably 20 years ago. Javier and Fernando took care of all our tires for a fleet of landscape vehicles including trucks, trailers and autos.

In 2001 when we started a new landscape service, we knew that Tres Amigos would be there to help us. It would be hard to count the numerous times we have called for an "in the field flat tire" or a set of broken trailer springs.

I stopped shoping prices years ago when I cost accounted the extra benefits we receive with the partnering relationship we have enjoyed with Javier and Fernando.

Thank you!!

Tom M.

Going down Gish Rd. in the industrial part of San Jose can be a little scary for a small lady like me; especially turning in a broken car with NO knowledge of what's wrong with it, to perfect strangers, doesn't help my confidence.

But the folks at Tres Amigos are like good friends, even though they're only my mechanics and I've only talked to them for about 5 minutes.

My family takes their whole fleet there, for service and maintenance, and we always get supreme service, both for ourselves and our automobiles. Tres Amigos truly feels like a mom and pop shop with their friendly demeanor and their effort to try to get to know their customers inside and out.

I will never forget the generous offer and ride home by Danny at 5 PM when the shop closed. Even though my house was out of the way, he took me home instead of having me wait for my ride.

Prices are great, service is honest, and they come at you with a solution-oriented attitude, instead of dumbfounded looks and money signs in their eyes. Better yet, this place is family owned and operated, so your patronage helps the local community.

Nicole S.

This place has great customer service. I had a flat tire and took my car to a shop and they said they could help me tomorrow and the guy was literally just sitting there doing nothing. Everyone should know how bad it is to drive on a flat.. this guy obviously didn't care to help because they were closing in AN HOUR.. So, I searched for another repair shop and called Tres. The guy said they were able to fix my tire if I got there before they closed. Since I live close by it was very convenient. Got there and right away Brandon helped me. They also looked at my brakes because I wasn't sure if they were still good or not. Their process to fix tire holes are better than just patching it up and having the hole reopen, instead they put cement on the patch so it holds it a lot longer. They not only take their time to make sure you are taken care of, but they are super friendly. I'm seriously so big on customer service and they were on point.

Yelp Review

These guys took care of me quickly. Taking my car to the dealership would have resulted in my car out of commission for at least 5 days. They fixed the wheel hub assembly in less than 24 hours and went through everything to make sure my truck was in good shape for a drive to LA and back.

Google Review

Had a tire leak and they fixed it in under 30 minutes! Cost around $20, good service.

Google Review

These guys are great! They do great work in a timely manner! And it's obvious that they truly care about their customers, I had my ford ranger in to have the motor mounts replaced and the day before I took it in I discovered a crack in my radiator. I dropped my truck off Friday morning and picked it up Friday afternoon. And to top it off about a month after the work was completed, Javier sent me a text message checking to see how the truck was holding up. Also my dad had his duramax diesel in to have the fuel injectors replaced (not a small job by any standards), and they did a great job on that as well. They have earned my business and my fathers business for a very long time.

Yelp Review

Best service of my life. cracked radiator replaced and fixed under 3 hours. let javier kmow that kalvin fogata sent you there way. If i were to go to a big corperate shop i definitely wouldnt be on my way the same day. Great, friendly, and understanding service.

Google Review

I heard great reviews about Tres Amigos. My car was driving very rough and I was told by my Honda Dealers that it was my suspension and I was quoted over $3,000. I spoke to Javier and asked him to take a look and it turned out I needed new tires, right away. I had Tres Amigos replace my tires and now my car drives smooth and I feel safe driving to the East Bay for work every day! Thank you Tres Amigo for saving me money and giving me a piece of mind while I drive to work!

Yelp Review

I have been taking our fleet vehicles here for about the past 4 years. They do an excellent job and are reasonably priced. They always give a complete diagnoses so I can make an informed decision.

Bilo B.

I've known the people at Tres Amigos Tires for a long time, but only recently did I become aware that they did regular automobile service and repair. My truck was reaching its 30,000 mile service time. I'd been taking my truck to the dealership up until this time for service and was rather appalled by how much money they wanted for a 30K service. When Javier at Tres Amigos told me they check all those things EVERY service as a normal routine, I decided to give them a try. Since then I've started bringing all of my business fleets to them for maintenance. Needless to say, I've been very happy!

jrmsyal at

I was in need of tires for my Nissan, but was very skeptical on being cheated out of my money. I went to every tire shop in my area and couldn't believe the prices. The prices were outrageous, but when I arrived to this "Mama & Papa" shop named Tres Amigos Tires I felt very welcomed. Not only did they beat other prices, they helped me save fuel by applying free nitrogen to all my tires. I am very pleased with their service and if you're thinking about buying tires or servicing your vehicle I recommend you try these guys out. They have awesome prices and friendly customer service.

Danny B. at

I am happy with the gentlemen that work at this shop. The service and hospitality is wonderful. It's like going to a small town shop and getting the one on one service that you deserve.